The Green Churches Network helps faith communities to opt for better ecological practices and to educate their members to live in a way that respects their environment. Our ecumenical charity organiziation is open to all Christian communities.


Faith communities are encouraged to integrate the concept of taking care of creation in their liturgy and teachings. They can adopt better practices like recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation; build relationships with environmental groups; and participate in campaigns. Improvements are shared on our website.


More and more faith communities are registered to the Green Churches Network. Does your church or ministry site have a Green Team, or is it looking for help to become more environmentally friendly? Contact us today and be a part of the Green Churches Network.



Our Logo



The Green Churches Network is represented by a dynamic logo. 


Green is the obvious colour choice since our organization is concerned with the protection of the environment. Green reminds us that life is sustained on this planet thanks to all the vegetation that surrounds us. In the tradition of the Church, green is the colour of hope, a vital virtue of our organization.


The words “Green Churches” are depicted in the logo design in the form of a wave indicating energy towards improving the Church's environmental footprint and the rising tide of christian eco-spirituality.


The cross inside the leaf is a sign of our common faith in Jesus Christ. Scripture reminds us that "all things have been created through him and for him" (Colossians 1, 16).


The green maple leaf is a sign that our network is present throughout Canada, a country that extends ca. 7000 km from coast to coast. This vast land with abundant ressources is a gift from God who asks us to be stewards of Creation.





Please ask permission to use our logo. Thank you.

Registered Green Churches are authorized to use our logo for their communications.

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