Green Team Mobilization


Creation theology is a new way to relate to the planet. As we make the transition to this new culture, we may feel overwhelmed and run out of ideas. Our Green Church website offers plenty of ideas for ways to protect the environment, in the areas of education, spirituality and action. Nevertheless, the most difficult thing is to engage inspired people who can lead the community in this new way of caring for creation.

To become a member of Green Church Network is easy... all you have to do is form a Green Committee, create an action plan and implement it in order to get member privileges. But how do you go about recruiting volunteers who will participate in these projects? How do you transform a traditional culture that believes in dominating nature? How do you promote personal growth in this process and make it a spiritual path?

We have collected articles and excerpts from research on the subject of motivating volunteers, because this can help you in implementing the program. These ideas are organized by theme and all of them are aimed at better community life. The community is a fragile microcosm that needs respect, because it is, after all, our environment!


  1. Transformation of a community's culture
  2. Social justice volunteer work, leadership, and personal growth
  3. Steps in recruiting a team
  4. Free time for grace in religious communities
  5. Room for intergenerational relations
  6. Mobilize people around a hot cause without burning