Green Churches organic and fair trade coffee



True to our mission as an environmental organization, the Green Curches Network  offers you the chance to make the world a greener and more equitable place. Through our partnership with Santropol coffee roasters, located in Montreal, we can provide you with our own blend of fair trade gourmet coffee. 

With every cup of our fair trade organic coffee, you help Canadian churches reduce their ecological footprint and make sure small-scale organic coffee producers in Latin America receive a fair price for their product.

This coffee is a blend of coffees: Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia and Nicaragua. 






North-West Coffee Producers Central



'One Voice' Association of Chajul



Agricultural Coffee Producers Cooperative of San Juan

Organic Certified Coffee producer of Las Segovias






The Green Churches Network is proud to offer a fair trade coffee certified by the Small Producers symbol ( The first and only Fair Trade system created and governed by the small producers of South America. Here is why we prefer SPP:


  1. Minimum sustainable prices payable to producers by buyers are significantly higher than in the old system (in the case of organic coffee, now $2.20/lb as compared to $1.90).
  2. Administrative costs and fees payable to the foundation by producers are less than a quarter of the amount currently assessed by the old system.
  3. Administrative costs and fees payable to the foundation by buyers are less than half of the amount currently assessed by the old system.
  4. One third of all fees paid to the Foundation are to be reinvested in participating producer cooperatives.
  5. Inspections of producer cooperatives are performed in a respectful, supportive and consultative spirit by locally accredited and trained organic certifiers.
  6. Privately-owned plantations are not eligible for entry into the system

 "Jesus said: The worker deserves his wages" (Luke 7:10)


 To order our Green Churches coffee:

* Order with PayPal or by  telephone: 1-844-490-6464

       (or in Montreal: 450-490-6464)






certified, 454g, benefits the Green Churches 




Box of 30, no shipping fees 




Price per unit: $12.00



 Price: $11.00


$11 each, no shipping fee