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A poster beside the coffee machine

About Fair Trade Coffee

fair trade



A poster for battery recycling

Near a recycling box for batteries

 battery recycling




A poster about Meatless Mondays and/or Meatless Fridays

Raise awareness to reduce meals with meat

meatless mondays        Meatless Fridays



A poster to help preserve biodiversity

2011-2020, a decade chosen by the UN




Poster: "Idle-Free Zone"

Natural Resources Canada

panel     poster     poster



Small poster: "Bottled Water Free Zone"

Campaign Fall 2011, Development and Peace

zone libre



Composting Chart

To undestand the do's and don'ts of composting





Small posters for your bread fasteners deposit boxes




Biblical "Shock Advertising" for Green Church

An unique way to raise awareness in your faith community.


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