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Green Church Conference 2015

An Ecological and Ecumenical Event


Theme: Creating a Climate of Hope


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April 14, 2015 in Québec City

at Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola Church


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norman"All things came into being through the Word of God, all things we find in our environment: the St. Lawrence River, the Mont Ste Anne, belugas, aluminum, oil, all things came into being through the Word... Today, the Spirit of God is calling the Churches to be guardians of Creation. The solutions exist, we need to choose them courageously. Hence, we will be creating a climate of hope."

 (Discours d'Introduction, in French)
Mr. Norman Lévesque, director Green Churches, 


cardinal lacroix

 "I am convinced that we are "ripe" enough to become a Green Church! I rejoice as I see the climate that exists between our Churches to reflect and help our members on this question, the repect of the environment, of Creation. We live on this earth that God generously created and gave us. Have a beautiful day and a great conference. Welcome to Quebec City."  

Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, Catholic Archbishop of Quebec City





"I am a Huron-Wendat. My spirituality taught me to take care of the Earth, to see that all creatures are related to each other." 
Ms. Diane Andicha Picard, Director of the Maison Andicha, Wendake




Keynote Speech

alan betts

"The Arctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate, the frozen period is shorter, the average temperature is rising and it is affecting all life on Earth. Water, trees, and all life is connected. When we pray "Thy will be done on Earth," we need to integrate land in our spiritual practice. Thus, we will be connected to each other and we can create a climate of hope."

Alan K. Betts, PhD, researcher in atmospheric science





Common Declaration

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« Creating a Climate of Hope »

"We commit our churches to an ecological shift. On behalf of our faith, we are bringing improvements to our places of worship and we are acknowledging climate concerns. Confronted with this ecological crisis, we will strive to create a climate of hope."

Read the common declaration



 anglican farm





Ecumenical Service

david-fines« Jesus came from a small village that lived off the land and shepherding. In many of his teachings, he refers to natural elements: the grain that grows, the mustard seed, the birds of the sky, the lilies of the field, the sheep, the wind and rain... He was attentive to the signs of weather (Luke 12, 54-56), but he was even more attentive to the signs of the coming Kingdom of God. Today, he wants us to be just as attentive to the signs of the times: the signs that bring to light the many dangers toward our Earth and we mobilize to change them; but above all, the signs that announce the restauration of Creation are close, the signs like the ones we experienced together today, those that show that we are creating a real climate of hope."

Rev. David Fines, pastor of the United Church of Canada




Your faith community is invited to join the Green Churches Network at anytime.



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