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Reconciliation with Creation: a Spiritual and Social Issue

Care for the environment has become one of the apostolic priorities of the Society of Jesus worldwide. The 35th General Congregation (GC35) states that “We turn also to the ‘frontier’ of the earth, increasingly degraded and plundered. Here, with passion for environmental justice, we shall meet once again the Spirit of God seeking to liberate a suffering creation, which demands of us space to live and breathe” (Decree 2, 24).


Suggestions for Discernment and Action

It is through a profound revision of our individual and collective choices that we will be able to face today’s environmental challenge. This is why I invite our Jesuit communities and our apostolic works to begin or to pursue a serious reflection and evaluation on our ways of proceeding and on our commitments regarding environmental issues. This evaluation may begin by examining very concrete behaviours in our daily lives:

1. Recycle, compost and use products made with recycled materials (Ex. Materials used in photocopiers and printers).

2. Use compact fluorescent bulbs, shut off the lights, unplug unused electrical appliances.

3. Buy “green” or biodegradable household products.

4. Buy local food products.

5. Ban the use of bottled water, disposable tableware and Styrofoam cups.

6. When buying new appliances or electronic equipment, choose “Energy Star” certified products.

7. Whenever possible, use public transportation and encourage carpooling. When buying a car,

consider hybrid models.

8. Promote whatever contributes to a simpler lifestyle and to sustainable development; Avoid

wastage and overconsumption – this is, for religious, one way to live the vow of poverty.


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