On February 19, 2008, some 10 people who were concerned about the environment and the role of the Church and the baptized in protecting it set up the Alonvert Group of the Pastorale sociale missionnaire (Missionary Social Pastoral Ministry) in the diocese of Nicolet.

The purpose of the group is to reach out to people in the area and increase their sense of social responsibility for protecting the environment. What sets the group apart is that it is based on the Word of God. Its approach and its actions are guided by Gospel values and are aimed at preserving the Creation that has been entrusted to us.


A number of actions have been taken to date. Here are a few examples:

  • Organizing awareness and information days
  • Sending thank-you letters to stores, companies and others that are doing something concrete for the environment. The letters are signed by the bishop and the person responsible for Alonvert.
  • Supporting Development and Peace, Défi climat, Earth Day, etc., awareness campaigns.
  • Offering texts on the environment for parish bulletins, based on God’s Word.
  • Creating a Web page for the Alonvert Group on the diocesan website:
  • Keeping members of the diocese informed, via the website, of what happens to recycled materials, references on the subject, articles about spirituality of nature, etc.
  • Encouraging and helping with diocesan projects on the environment.
  • Writing awareness-raising and informative articles for the diocesan magazine En communion.
  • Preparing and setting up, in association with the Green Church Program, the 2nd Green Church Conference.
  • Etc.

We have carried out these activities along with many others, and will continue to do so with enthusiasm. This pastoral ministry is taking its place as part of the life of the diocese. The involvement and support of Bishop André Gazaille are essential for our mission to go on. God took a chance by entrusting us with the Earth He created. He even came and lived on it through Jesus, His Son. We know that the Earth is beautiful because nature shows us every season. Sometimes we are frightened by the

threats to the environment that seem poised to overwhelm us. That is why we believe we are responsible for Creation. Through simple but constant actions, done with gentleness and respect, we can help to change the world. Any action taken for the environment is a missionary action. 

The Pastorale sociale missionnaire’s Alonvert Group 

Diocese of Nicolet


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