eglise st-peter

Our Church is located in the middle of Town of Mount-Royal (TMR), in Montreal. Like many Churches, we have many ministries, including Worship, Discipleship/Spirituality, Community/Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Evangelism and Social Care. But our purpose is also to take care our our world (socially and environmentally). That is why we are proudly striving to become a Green Church.

We have already switched from styrofoam cups to biodegradable cups and we fill them up with Fair Trade coffee ! We better insulated the building for winter (and we saved so much money!). Our caretaker has been recycling for more than twenty years. In 2009, we organized a Carbon Neutral Wine and Cheese with a workshop on Climate Change. We will be repeating it for sure !

Our next big step will we building environmental awareness and advocacy within our parish. Some of our activities will be outreach to the surrounding community.

You are welcome for a visit if you pass by.

God bless you !


St. Peter's Anglican Parish
900 blvd. Laird, Ville Mont-Royal Qc, H3R 1Y8
Téléphone: 514-739-2620