In the Saguenay, Sainte-Anne Catholic Church in the North Sector of Chicoutimi has started, since 2008, its own Green Plan (Plan vert). This year, five communities will be invited to adopt green practices as individuals and a community.

The green policy invites a more responsible way of consuming as well as becoming aware of the consequences of what we buy on the ecosystems and human society. Further more, it paves the way to recycling and better waste disposal.

Not olny is the Church staff concerned, but also even organizations in our parish must adhere progressively by following our Green Plan. We also ask the members of our community to adopt certain daily actions at home. This way, the movement spreads out even larger.

To make this dream become a reality, the material necessary for change will be available to the parishioners and Church staff.

We also have "Green Kits" for the meetings, easily accessible recycling bins, a box for used batteries. It will also be possible to buy a cup (made regionaly) which can be brought to the different meeting locatons. And to fully give the example, one of our churches has adopted radiant heating (for better energy efficency).

We are conscient of the late reaction of the Church in the becoming aware and applying mesures to protect the planet's ecosystems. We believe it is urgent to act and we truly wish to spread this action in all the communities in our diocese.


Julie Lebnan, animatrice de pastorale
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