Simple steps to register


1. Assemble a green team

There will be challenges ahead, so teamwork will help you attain your goals. Remember that Jesus could count on the twelve apostles. Need any help mobilizing a green team? Click here



2. Evaluate Your Profile

Before your start exploring new practices, you must recognize the good practices you have already adopted. Evaluate "Your Profile" and send it to us. Download "Your Profile" (260 KB).



3. Write a short article

Our website maintains one page per registered faith community. Your community's green initiatives will inspire new ideas. To see what others are doing, click on: green parishesgreen community ministriesgreen monasteriesgreen schools.



On completing step 3, your faith community becomes a registered Green Church. Congratulations!

All registered Churches make an annual contribution.



Annual Contribution of a Registered Church: $100*

Download the form

If the annual contribution amount is beyond your means, please contact us. 


Receive a plaque the first year you register

This plaque can be hung in the entrane of the church. It hightens the sense of belonging to the Green Churches Network and it reminds the members of the community to take decisions that care for Creation.  The second year, receive an outdoor sign. Subsequent years, receive other gifts.



To go further...



4. Draft an environmental policy

In order to be faithful to the Spirit that calls you to take care of Creation, your environmental policy will insure wiser decisions. Display it on the wall at the entrance or in a hall. For an example, click here



5. Prepare an action plan

Don't do everything at once! Change must be gradual or it will fail. The Green Churches TOOLKIT will give you plenty of ideas for preparing an action plan. For an example, click here.

Draft a self-evaluation of your church! Download the self-evaluation for your church.


6. Celebrate and communicate

The changes you make to protect creation are worth celebrating! Take the time to sing about them during your Sunday service/liturgy. You could even organize a festive event. It is important to communicate these green initatives to the different committees, to members of the congregation and to the local newspaper, radiostation and other media. For guidelines on writing a press release, click here.