Activities for environmental awaress

Did you ever ask yourself how our daily behaviour affects the environment everyday? These resources will help you become aware your impact on the natural resources and will give you suggestions on how to improve. Besides, Christians have a way of improving themselves !

  • Ecological Footprint by Redefining Progress : a great quiz to calculate the impact of your way of life on the environment.
  • Carbon Emissions Calculator (CO2) by : Calculate your emission while using your car, the plane and even your household emissions in a number of easy steps. You can even buy carbon credits to become carbon neutral.
  • Environment Museum in Montreal : Environment Canada’s Biosphère is an exclusive venue to better understand major environmental issues, including those related to water, air, climate change, sustainable development and responsible consumption.
  • Ecological Justice by Development and Peace: Gives alternatives to our current way of living for a better share between all communities.
  • Re-Energize: Time for a Carbon Sabbath by Kairos: Proposes alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint.