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NEW ORLEANS (USA) / LAVAL (CANADA), June 22, 2016 – A young Montrealer, Norman Lévesque, and 60 other faith leaders have gathered in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA) for leadership training and much more.  The June 20th to 24thsession is a coming together of many voices and many visions coalescing in a powerful and effective network. It’s a gathering of emerging leaders who want to translate their religious beliefs into meaningful action for the protection of the environment.

New Orleans and the surrounding areas serve as a classroom during the Convergence, and its religious and community leaders are the instructors and guides. Held at the beautiful and historic Tulane University, the North American Convergence brings together leaders, ages 21 to 35, from diverse religious and spiritual traditions.  Participants are learning about climate justice, visiting communities in New Orleans and the Bayou that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and still under threat from rising sea levels.  Participants will hear accounts of the resilience and methods of responses of these communities, and receive training to help develop the skills to become better religious-environmental leaders.  Additional training will be offered digitally before and after the Convergence to help participants refine their voices and their skills.


The New Orleans’ Convergence is one in a series of Convergences which Green Faith is holding for religious-environmental leaders from the millennial generation. It follows last June’s Convergence in Rome, where 110 people from 30 countries came together. Organizers are considering Montreal as a possible location for next year’s Convergence, with the Green Churches Network as a major partner.