Agapê Christian Training Centre

Founded by a layman in 1988, the Agape Centre is primarily a Catholic training center for young adults aged 18 to 35 who want to live an experience that integrates faith, education, human and spiritual development, group living and Christian commitment.Orchestrated by a team of laity, men and women, the Agape Centre’s main objective is to train Christians to live responsibly in fulfilling the faith of their baptism.



To do this, the Centre offers the Agape Faith-programs, Agape Mission Program and Arts & Communication program, attended by over 260 young people since its foundation.To experience this process, participants live at the Agape Centre for the duration of the project.
The academic training provided at the Centre is part of the recognized programs in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at Laval University and students earn college credit.Agape also offers young and old a variety of activities, such as thematic training, seminars and missionary experiences in Mexico. These are facilitated by the presence of a permanent Agapê installation in Colonia Santa Margarita, Puebla and in the town of  Huatusco. There was founded in 2007 the Juan Pablo II Centre, which aims at being a stimulating presence in the community, particularly among youth and the poor.


Our environmental action
Since several years, there is an ecological atmosphere in the house! What is more natural than Christians care for creation? Composting has become a habit, not to mention the recovery of all that is recoverable! Also we have a “bottled water free” area, thanks to the awareness raised by Development and Peace! At food level, more and more vegetarian meals are on the menu at the Center. Our cook is a master at reusing leftovers, so very little waste is allowed in the house. Our coffee is fair trade, of course. In our public activities, we strive to serve food in washable dishes. Even if it takes more effort, it’s surprising to see that people volunteer to wash dishes, for the cause. Our archives are conserved mostly electronically, so that paper archives are minimized. We have reduced by 75% our newsletter mailings on paper, in favour of emails. We pay close attention to turning off the lights in rooms where they are not needed. Our trips are usually by bus or carpooling.


Our projects?

From September 2011, to educate new students to our “Green Church”, as an integral part of an authentic Christian life. During the training, to bring in a resource person to go deeper into the relationship between faith and ecology … Stay tuned!


Valérie Roberge-Dion

Agente de communication et de développement

Centre Agapê
1333, 1ère avenue
Québec, QC, G1L 3L2
Telephone: 418-648-6737