The Indigenous Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada at the Green Churches Forum
Green Churches Forum 2017
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Calgary, February 20, 2017 – The Director of the Green Churches Network, Norman Lévesque, returns from a second visit to Alberta. He gave ten talks in 10 days in Calgary and surrounding communities. He took the opportunity of networking with pastors and members of various churches during a two-day ecumenical event

entitled “GROUNDED: Faith, Mission and Caring for Creation “. The Green Churches Network was a partner in this event which was a first in this oil and cattle province.

On February 17 and 18, the Grounded Conference brought together nearly 90 people to discuss eco-theology and explore practical ways to reduce the ecological footprint of their church. The objectives of the Grounded Conference were the same as those featured in the plenary conferences organized by the Green Churches Network in Montreal (2010), Drummondville (2012) and Quebec City (2015). Mr. Lévesque, as part of a panel with six other pastors, presented the benefits reaped when churches of various denominations work together to take care of Creation. At this event, he gave a conference on the encyclical Laudato Si’ and another on the tools offered by the Green Churches Network.

Thanks to these meetings, new collaborative projects are on the horizon between the Green Churches Network and “A Rocha”, an ecumenical organization based in Vancouver involving Christians who do organic farming and restore natural habitats. Also, a discussion with Mr. Jeremy Bell of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada opened the door to working with a Christian denomination underrepresented in the Green Churches Network. Both organizations have indicated their desire to promote the Green Churches Network in British Columbia.

In the week preceding the Grounded Conference, the Catholic Diocese of Calgary invited Mr. Lévesque to speak at several Catholic churches in Medecine Hat, Lethbridge and Calgary. A number of these eight churches have pledged to register with the Network in the coming weeks. There was a palpable energy and enthusiasm felt in these Christian communities who want to translate their concern for Creation into action. Moreover, the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Calgary wants to go green and will tender its registration in the Network shortly. Among those met by Mr. Lévesque some have expressed their readiness to become regional representatives of the Green Churches Network.

In this magical year of Canada’s 150th anniversary, our organization lays the groundwork for its expansion in the West!  May our “Home and Native Land” become more and more cherished and protected by the Christians who live here.