Cedar Park United Church

glise cedar parkThe folks at Cedar Park United Church have started up their own green team where folks have been discussing the possibilities of how to make environmental improvements in their community. From meetings with city councilors on greening activities, to the screening of environmental films like An Inconvenient Truth, Cedar Park has taken a very holistic approach to how they look at ecological issues in their community. For a more in-depth look at greening activities going on at Cedar Park, read below about the Eco-fair that they hosted in March!

Cedar Park United Church was the first to write a Covenant with Creation. It is a constant reminder of their promises and it shows how coherent it is with their Christian faith.


Eco-Artisan Fair


Cedar Park United Church held their second annual Eco-Artisan Fair on March 15, 2008. Display space was rented to local artisans, creators of earth-friendly items and sellers of Fair Trade products, including Dix Mille Villages. Fair Trade coffee and homemade soup was sold to exhibitors, volunteers and shoppers, encouraging people to take their time at the sale. In the interests of recycling, church members and friends donated craft supplies, ribbons, fabric, wool, driftwood, seashells, etc. to be sold in our “Craft Supply Warehouse”, proving Cedar Parkers to be good stewards of the earth and creative FUNdraisers. $1251 was raised for the mission and ministry of Cedar Park.


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