Premontres Monastery







Settled in Saint-Constant since 1968, the Norbertines (or Premontres in French), a religious order of the twelfth century, have transformed their environment by acting as true stewards of creation. First, their monastery was the result of the recycling of old motels from Expo67. Then, finding themselves in a vast field of tall grass, they pledged to plant over 200 trees per year. The result is a beautiful woodland. They also kept a nice creek that hosts herons, frogs and other creatures. If you go to St-Constant, you must visit their monastery because it is a place of hospitality, where spirituality is reflected in the protection of creation.



Environmental actions of this religious community include:

  • A preserved woodland and stream
  • Installation of plaques on the fences surrounding the woodland entitled “Protected Natural Environment”
  • A reduced area of lawn without using pesticides
  • A vegetable garden and compost to fertilize the soil
  • Recycling paper, plastic, glass and metal
  • Purchase and even distribution of fair trade coffee
  • Reuse of dishes (never styrofoam cups)
  • Water conservation from the toilet through the container in the tank
  • New pollution control wood stove.
  • Efforts to educate visitors:
    • acquisition of a 100% electric car in 2015
    • travel by bicycle, on foot and by public transportation when possible
    • Since 2020, the use of oil for heating has been completely abandoned in favour of non-polluting electric systems
    • lowering the temperature in certain parts of the monastery and during the night
    • Replacement of bulbs with LED technology


Environmental changes to come (in their action plan):

  • A greater reduction in paper
  • “Close the lights” policy
  • More recycling in halls
  • Integration of the theme of creation in some celebrations of the year
  • The purchase of a second electric car (already purchased over a year ago)
  • For the exterior lighting of the monastery, the reflectors will be gradually replaced by LED technology


The Norbertines are the first religious community to become a green church, or rather it is a “green monastery”. This proves that hands in prayer to praise the Creator are also useful to take recycling out in order to protect creation.

Premontres Monastery of St. Constant
1, des prémontrés, St-Constant Qc, J5A 1Y7