Saint-Charles Church

Our Church is situated in Pointe-Saint-Charles, in Montréal, and it offers a variety of activites for youth. Christian Education for kids is done in a very dynamic way. But we also take care of the next generation in another way: by taking care of the environment. Not only will we be hosting the 1st Green Church Conference in February 2010, but we have already made significant changes:

  • recycling bins in the rooms, kitchen and church;
  • gradually replacing the lighting to be more efficient;
  • arranging plants outside during summer;
  • recycling ink cartridges;
  • printing on both sides as often as possible;
  • offering “fair trade” coffee in reusable cups (and always reusable dishes);
  • container for aluminum cans from Recyc-Québec;
  • a timer for lighting the steeple;

Upcoming projects include the revision of the energy efficiency of the church and improving wherever possible, buying cleaning products which are Ecologo certified and buying 100% recycled paper. Finally, in order to let nature come closer to our community, we will install bird feeders near the church entrance. Let us sing with creation


Saint-Charles Catholic Parish 
2115 rue Centre, Montréal Qc, H3K 1J5
Téléphone: 514-932-5335