Saint Charles Garnier Parish

It was in October of 1858 that Father Pandosy established the first white settlement in the Okanagan Valley, adjacent to our parish church. Our church is dedicated to the memory of Father Pandosy, but named for a great Canadian martyr, the Jesuit St. Charles Garnier. Church law requires that churches can only be named after confirmed saints, an honour not yet reached by Father Pandosy.

St. Charles Garnier was established as a parish in 1980. The present building was erected in 1982.

St. Charles Garnier Guardians of God’s Creation Ministry was formed in 2008 to ensure that our parish community is doing everything it can to preserve God’s wondrous creation. Our parish has worked to educate parishioners through various events and initiatives including:

  • Establishing a more comprehensive waste reduction protocol
  • Setting up recycling bins throughout the parish and compost bins in the kitchen and floral room
  • Progressing to more energy efficient lighting – 95% fluorescent
  • Installing motion sensor lights
  • Replacing artificial plants with living and air purifying plants
  • Refilling ink cartridges as well as printing on both sides of paper
  • Installing a video screen in the foyer using PowerPoint for all announcements
  • Using biodegradable cups and plates
  • Beginning to use Fair Trade coffee in parish groups
  • Growing produce on the parish property to provide fresh produce to those in need
  • Garden shed is made of post-consumer material
  • Installing a new recyclable carpet made up of squares for easy replacement
  • Introducing more environmentally-friendly cleaning products and unbleached paper towels
  • Installing a bike rack
  • Holding eco-events like documentary screenings and special Stations of the Cross
  • For the past three years, through weekly bulletin entries that are scripture-based care for creation tips, our ministry works to educate, inspire and promote responsible stewardship of God’s creation.


St. Charles Garnier Catholic Church
3645 Benvoulin Rd.
Kelowna, BC, V1W 4M7
Tel.: 250-860-6776