Saint Peter Church

eglise st-peterOur Church is located in the middle of Town of Mount-Royal (TMR), in Montreal. Like many Churches, we have many ministries, including Worship, Discipleship/Spirituality, Community/Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Evangelism and Social Care. But our purpose is also to take care our world (socially and environmentally). That is why we are proudly striving to become a Green Church.

We have already switched from styrofoam cups to biodegradable cups and we fill them up with Fair Trade coffee! We better insulated the building for winter (and we saved so much money!). Our caretaker has been recycling for more than twenty years. In 2009, we organized a Carbon Neutral Wine and Cheese with a workshop on Climate Change. We will be repeating it for sure!

Our next big step will we building environmental awareness and advocacy within our parish. Some of our activities will be outreach to the surrounding community.

You are welcome for a visit if you pass by.

God bless you!

St. Peter’s Anglican Parish
900 blvd. Laird, Ville Mont-Royal Qc, H3R 1Y8
Téléphone: 514-739-2620