Sainte-Bernadette Church

As part of the Father Frederick Janssoone parish of Trois-Rivières, the community of St. Bernadette has, for several years, been working to promote respect and conservation of the planet.

Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • On the third Sunday of the month, after the 11am Mass, we hold a  “garage share” where everyone brings unused objects and toys and are invited to take any objects that interest them free of charge.
  • eglise sainte-bernadetteFor several years, parishioners are invited to grow their own small garden at the back of the church. These are our community gardens.
  • This year, in a portion of land not used by the community garden, a “solidarity garden” will be created and maintained by volunteers with the produce going to organizations which work with the needy of our area.
  • We changed all the light bulbs in the church by more energy efficient compact fluorescent lights.
  • The thermostats of the church and rectory were changed to programmable.
  • We set aside a room where people may drop off clothes and items they no longer use, which we give to the Ozanam organization that helps the poor.
  • In the coming months, we will raise awareness among the parishioners to respect the earth by publishing eco-bubbles in the parish bulletin. Over the coming months, we will inform them of different ways to recycle, recover, and protect our resources.
  • In addition, we will install bins in the back of the church for the recuperation of  empty ink cartridges, bread fasteners, and pull tabs. Everything will then be passed on to the various agencies involved in treating them properly.

As a logical consequence of all these initiatives, we hope to improve the quality of our environment, and to give an example of how the
Catholics of St. Bernadette respectfully use the heritage that God has left us in his goodness.

Communauté Sainte-Bernadette
575 Rue Guilbert
Trois-Rivières (Qc), G8T 1R9