Sainte-Maria-Goretti Parish

We are located in Pointe-aux-Trembles, in the east end of Montreal. We did not start from anything, far from it. Even before my arrival, the parish had taken many steps to conserve energy. One example among many: the replacement of most of the light bulbs in the Church and rectory with energy-saving bulbs. More recently, we are proud to have implemented the following measures:


  • All clothing washed in cold water
  • The purchase of an energy-saving dishwasher
  • The recycling of an old fridge and its replacement with a mini-unit
  • The installation of motion detectors on some exterior lights
  • The purchase of LED ambient lights
  • The installation of recycling bins in all meeting rooms, in the rectory, in the sacristy, in the apartment; we recycle as much as we can: paper, cardboard, glass. From time to time, we remind our parishioners to do the same at home
  • The reuse of paper where feasible, as well as double-sided printing; we order the minimum number of “Prions” and “Semainiers”
  • We collect empty ink cartridges and also used eyeglasses (with the LIONS) for developing countries
  • The use of reusable bags for our shopping
  • The progressive replacement of Styrofoam cups with biodegradable cups or glass dishes
  • The purchase of fair trade coffee
  • The replacement of many old thermostats with electronic ones
  • The temperature of the Church is set between 16 and 17C at all times (which is rather economical) (natural gas heating in the Church/electric in the rectory)
  • The installation of a water-reducing device in one of the apartment toilets in the rectory (one of the public toilets already had a 6-litre flush system)
  • Raising the consciousness of parishioners concerning the environment, especially around Earth Day
  • Community members were invited to take part in the Earth Hour event
  • In coming months, we will buy more environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies


There will be more initiatives in the months and years ahead, especially, starting at the end of September, with our “Ménage et réaménagement” (housekeeping and redevelopment) committee. To be officially involved in the “Green Church” movement (and one day, hopefully, to get certified) will definitely be very motivating for this evangelical action.



Jean-Pierre Soucy, ptre-curé

Unité Ste-Germaine-Cousin / Ste-Maria-Goretti

Église Ste-Maria-Goretti

16228 terrasse Ste-Maria-Goretti

Montréal (Pointe-aux-Trembles)

H1A 1Y1