St. Anne of la Pérade

On reading the encyclical letter of Pope Francis on caring for the Earth, our common home, the pastoral trio of the Church of St. Anne of la Pérade were inspired to find ways of becoming more ecologically active. A new member also joined the committee; a parishioner with young children at home who was looking, like us, for a “green project” to take on.

The idea of an environmental showcase began to take shape. The aim is to help our parishioners become aware of the environment and of the importance of protecting our planet. We want to  draw attention to the impact that each one’s small everyday actions can have on an entire ecosystem. The Eco Salon is an event that acquaints people with the many ecological initiatives of our region. Those who man the kiosks of the various ecological organizations take the time to explain the services they offer such as the collection of materials (ink cartridges, batteries, electronics, furniture…). This year, we will have conferences in the sacristy throughout the afternoon as well as new exhibits.

Starting from our first Eco Salon on June 5, 2016, we try to make sure all of our events are ecologically responsible. Here are some of the actions we take:

  • Collection of items such as ink cartridges, cell phones, batteries, drink tabs, twist ties, …
  • Service of reusable dishes and cutlery (washable) at all our gatherings (coffee get-together after Mass, Feast of St. Anne dinner, …)
  • Use of ecological cleaning products
  • Printing recto-verso on recycled paper
  • Reuse of scrap paper
  • Encouraging ride-sharing in our trips
  • Including a “Green Note” in the church bulletin in the weeks preceding the Eco Salon
  • Planting domestic fruit trees on church property with their produce at the disposition of the community
  • Opening the church doors for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Looking ahead, we would like to renew our Eco Salon year by year. We also hope to replace the plants in our flower-beds with honey-producing species and garden vegetables whose harvest will be shared by all church members. Our green initiatives will hopefully bring about others throughout the community. Green Committee of the St. Anne of la Pérade Pastoral Trio


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