Season of Creation 2018
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Inauguration of the National Office
July 5, 2018

Twenty people came to celebrate the inauguration of the new premises during the very hot day of July 5, 2018. In addition to the presence of people from the parish of St. Clare, we greet the representatives of the Diocese of Montreal and the Diocese of St-Jean-Longueuil, of the United Church, of the neighboring Mercier-East Solidarity, Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception and other ecologist Christians. Here are some quotes from the guests who spoke before blessing the new premises of the Green Churches Mission, and taking a glass of sparkling wine from Rougemont.

Bishop Alain Faubert
Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal

“We are at the dawn of a missionary renewal. We are returning to the meeting of the men and women of our time to share their joys and their concerns, and ecology is at the heart of their concerns. Ecology is a sign of the times and that is why it is necessary to support your mission. ”
“We thank you for being ecumenical. You allow different Christians to work together. It allows us to look in the same direction, to experience true solidarity. ”

Benoit Lacroix Vachon
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Network of Green Churches

“I strongly believe in this project, which started 12 years ago and has been on its own as a nonprofit registered for more than 3 years. Churches are places of community gathering. Yes we can act in the walls of churches, by different actions, but we can also educate many of the faithful who will then return home, continue to protect the environment, one gesture at a time. ”

Norman Lévesque
Founder and General Director of the Network of Green Churches

“In just 12 years, the Green Church project has had 5 different addresses: at St-James United Church (downtown), at the Canadian Center for Ecumenism, which itself moved in 2014 (René-Lévesque and Côte -Ste-Catherine), at St-Elzéar Church (Laval), and now at St. Clare Church. So, St. Clare of Assisi, protect us. ”
“Considering it is 34’C today, we can not deny that our welcome here at the church is very warm. ”

François Baril
Parish priest of St. Clare
“It’s a funny story, because even before being registered on the network, we declared ourselves a” green church “. The process became official afterwards. ”
“When we knew you were looking for locals, we said,” We want green churches to come to us. ”
A lot of enthusiasm, happiness to see that the locals of the Network settle here. And that there is a beautiful affinity with St. Clare, the friend of St. Francis of Assisi, patron of the ecologists. ”


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