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Montreal, May 10, 2018 – “Creation” now has its place in the Church calendar. Each year, the “Season of Creation” is observed by churches around the world between September 1st and October 4th. Here in Canada, the Green Churches Network has developed an easy to use resource making spiritual and educational models for the celebration of this special time available to Christian communities of all denominations.


This year’s “Season of Creation” theme: “Your Father Feeds the Birds and Clothes the Flowers in Beauty” (Matthew 6: 25-33) invites us to consider the examples Jesus pointed out to illustrate the providential equilibrium instilled by the Creator for the continued well being of his Creation. Our actions can uphold or upset this increasingly delicate balance.


The “Season of Creation in a Box” resource offers church communities the selection of seven documents downloadable for free to help them design their own particular programme to celebrate and to better care for God’s Creation, especially throughout the month of September. Your ‘green team’ can access a calendar depicting a doable ecological action for each day, a beautiful poster for your bulletin board, a Prayer Guide and outlines for three intergenerational activities: Look at the Birds, Planting Bulbs, Endangered Birds. Download “Season of Creation in a Box” at: http://creation.greenchurches.ca


What is the “Season of Creation”?

In 1989, Demetrios 1, Patriarch of Constantinople, dedicated the first day of the Orthodox liturgical year (September 1) to the protection of the environment. He then invited the whole Christian world to join in so that “every year on this day, we raise prayers of thanks for the great gift of the created world, prayers of supplication for its protection and salvation.” The World Council of Churches has been promoting the Season of Creation care since 2008. While this special time of year has gained popularity in Europe, the United Church of Canada was the first to celebrate it here. In 2015, Pope Francis named September 1st the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.


The “Season of Creation” closes on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi (4 Oct.), a model of integral ecology who demonstrated that love for the poor, the sick and for all creatures comes from the same Source—Jesus himself.


The Green Churches Network invites Christian communities to organize various activities on the theme of Creation Care between September 1st and October 4th: prayer services, conferences, plays and sessions for young people, fund raising, etc. We have created the “Season of Creation in a Box” to help you organize educational, spiritual and action-oriented activities in your faith community. HAVE FUN!