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One day, Jesus said: “No man is a prophet in his own country. “(Mt 13:57). This is often confirmed when a member of the faith community rises to mobilize others (as prophets do) on saving God’s Creation. People don’t always listen. Solution: Invite a prophet who doesn’t come from your area!

This is why the Green Churches Network launched a speakers’ corner, which can refer you to qualified speakers. Locate topics and corresponding speakers in the list provided. This service only facilitates contacts and is not responsible for organizing your event.

It may also be possible to invite someone to conduct a Creation Care retreat to your faith community. We try as much as possible to help you find what you are looking for.


To book a talk, you can contact the speaker directly.  


LAUDATO SI’: a revolutionary encyclical

In 2015, Pope Francis published the first encyclical on ecology. It is written for all the people on Earth, our common home, in a call to care for it. The six chapters have different approaches, from science to the Bible, from politics to education. A document to be discovered!

Speakers: Norman Lévesque, Brian McDonough



ECO-JUSTICE: putting a face on our environmental footprint

Many are not interested in environmental issues because, to them, it does not seem important to take care of inanimate objects such as air, water and soil. But when we look at the impacts of environmental degradation of life in certain vulnerable groups, we realize that there is a human face to this ecological crisis.

Speakers: Brian McDonough, Mishka Lysack



BIBLE: The Green Pages of the Bible

Get ready to read some Bible stories through the eyes of an environmentalist Noah preserving biodiversity, Jesus looks at birds and advocates simplicity, Adam cultivates and maintains the God-given garden, Jonas and other ecological prophets … Refreshing!

Speakers: Norman Lévesque, Gabriel Gagne, Sarah Harding



ECO-SPIRITUALITY: reconnecting with God’s Creation

It begins with a reminder of the Creation narrative highlighting our connection to the four elements. We change our outlook as we contemplate a creature (rock, bird, flower …). Testimony on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. How would he address the current ecological crisis?

Speakers: Norman Lévesque, Gabriel Gagne, Sarah Harding, Mishka Lysack


EUCHARIST: Communion with Creation

Eucharistic prayers (among Catholics, Anglicans and Orthodox) open our hearts to all the world created by God. Some prayers are directed to God in the Creation that provides our bread and wine. Other things could be added to the universal or penitential prayers. Discussion and exploration of solutions.

Speakers: Norman Lévesque, Gabriel Gagne, Sarah Harding



SAINTS: lovers of the multiple works of the Creator

The witnesses to the faith (the saints) are models of life as disciples of Jesus. Not only have they loved God with all their heart, and loved their neighbor as Jesus loved, but many saints have extended this love to other creatures and to the whole of Creation. St. Hildegard, St. Clement, St. Kateri, St. Kevin, Martin Luther, Amphilochios and many others.

Speakers: Norman Lévesque, Gabriel Gagne, Sarah Harding



Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecologists (for children)

Meet Saint Francis and live his story. An upper-class young man, destined for knighthood, he chose to live in poverty, close to nature and in communion with all God’s creatures. Storytelling and interactive games.

Speakers: Norman Lévesque, Gabriel Gagne, Sarah Harding



CHURCH and ENVIRONMENT: an ethical responsibility

The ecological crisis is the biggest ethical crisis of our time. The environmental movement is also the place of emergence of many existential questions, which then refer back to the Church, to God, to spiritual experience and to ethical commitment.

Speakers: Brian McDonough, Willard Metzger


ORIGINS: Why did God create heaven and earth?

Presentation of creation myths and their role in society. Comparison of the biblical Creation story and the results of scientific research on the origins of life on Earth. Implications for eco-theology and eco-spirituality.

Speakers: Roberto Chiotti, Norman Levesque, Brian McDonough



WORSHIP: praising the Creator and caring for Creation

Rather than fearing or resisting concern for the earth as a distraction from church values, discover how creation care is a natural and appropriate expression of Christian worship.

Speakers: Willard Metzger


SIMPLICITY: an inspired way of life

Overconsumption leaves a huge environmental footprint. If all the inhabitants of the earth consumed at the rate of Canadians, it would take five planets to sustain us. How did Jesus live voluntary simplicity?

Speakers: Gabriel Gagné, Sarah Harding, Norman Lévesque, Willard Metzger


ADVOCACY: salt of the earth and light of the world

Christians are not mere passive witnesses to their times. They are the leaven in the dough, the salt of the earth, the light of the world. We pray for our decision-makers (1 Tm 2:1), but we have to speak out and let them know what inspires us to work for a more just and peaceful world.

Speakers: Brian McDonough, Mishka Lysack



BUILDING: energy efficiency of a green church

Building to last is something churches are good at, and keeping the building environmentaly sustainable is the next logical step. Learn the concepts and discover useful tricks to make the the church building more energy efficient. You’ll reduce your energy bill while caring for God’s Creation.

Speakers: Roberto Chiotti





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Speakers (partners)

If you wish to invite a speaker, contact that person directly.


Mr. Roberto Chiotti, BAS M.Th.

Principal of Larkin Architect Limited, email


Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Master of Theological Studies (Theology and Ecology)
Design of building  for parishes and religious orders.


Toronto and

all of Ontario


Mr. Gabriel Gagne, DEC (natural habitat)

Devout Christian and Organic Gardner, email


Cofounder of Seti Manitoba

Straw Building and Master Composter

Practices Voluntary Simplicity


Winnipeg and

all of Manitoba


Ms Sarah Harding, B.Sc. M.Sc.

Christian environmentalist,  email


Environmental Consultant

Bachelor’s in environment (McGill)

Master’s in environnement (UQAM)


Montreal and

all of Quebec


Mr. Norman Lévesque, B.Ed. M.A.(theo)

Theologian and environmentalist,  email


Author of the guide Greening Your Church (Novalis)

Co-author of Les pages vertes de la Bible (Novalis)

Practical Theology (Creation Care Ministry)


Montreal and

all of Quebec


Rev. Dr. Mishka Lysack, Ph.D., M.Th.

Theologian and environmentalist,  email


Healing ecological despair and grief

Spirituality and the environment

Mindfulness and environmental social action


Calgary and

all of Alberta


Rev. Willard Metzger, BTH, BA, MTS, DMIN

Theologian and environmentalist,  email


Mennonite Church of Canada

He manages a blog

Specialises in Evangelical Worship


Winnipeg and

all of Manitoba


Me Brian McDonough, B.C.L. M.A.(theo)

Social ethics and eco-justice,  email


University professor

Director of the Social Justice Office

Master’s in Theology


Montreal and

all of Quebec


Dr. Stephen Bede Scharper, Ph.D.

Professor of Religion and Environment,  email


Author, For Earth’s Sake: Toward a Compassionate Eco.

Seeking the comingling of ecological, cosmic joy

with right relationship and social justice.


Toronto and

all of Ontario


Mr. Joe Gunn, MA

Executive Director, Citizens for Public Justice, email

Topics: The Biblical Case for Creation Advocacy – rooted
in scripture, creation advocacy unites spirituality with
scientific, ecological, and political insight. Especially
interested in movingfaith communities to action on
climate change.


Ottawa and

all of Ontario


– Do you have any speakers to suggest? Contact Us.

 How to invite a speaker

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  • talk usually lasts from 30 min. to 1 1/2 hours, with or without a question period, depending on the host’s expectations.
  • The price for a talk is at the speaker’s discretion, and usually negotiable. A host usually compensates the cost of transportation and accomodation, when applicable.