Environmental action activities

“Every good tree bears good fruit , but a bad tree bears bad fruit . “(Matthew 7, 17) It is good to pray and talk about God’s creation , but that faith also bears visible fruits. Some Christian communities organize environmental action activities that reduce the ecological footprint of the Christian community. Sometimes at the end of these activities , it is even possible to calculate the positive impact on creation.   Other environmental action activities are in the members section .

Cleaning a nearby park

At the end of this activity , the Christian community has helped to reduce the environmental footprint of its neighborhood by picking up trash in a park.

  • Introduction to the activity in the church
  • Cleaning the park
  • Findings of waste collected
  • Conclusion by a prayer

Car Free Sunday

Through this activity, the faith community will have helped to alleviate the detriments of car use (air pollution, cost of gasoline, overcrowded parking, etc.).

  • Accompany and inform the community before Car Free Sunday
  • Introduction to the activity in the church
  • Prayer Service
  • Activities (discussion / animation) per age group

Let’s Plant Flower Bulbs

The benefits from this activity for the faith community include more beautiful church grounds, greater awareness among the faithful of our closeness to the land and increased motivation to care for it and church members getting a taste to take their turn at planting bulbs at home.

  • Skit and crafts
  • Videos and songs
  • Planting of bulbs together
  • Conclusion with a prayer