Activities on Spirituality of Creation

Faith Education, Catechesis and others

“Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16, 15)

If we wish the continuity of the Church for our children, we must preach the gospel. If we want our planet to keep its biodiversity for generations to come, we must preach another conversion. Don’t these two callings come from the same origin ?

Seven Days of Creation

This faith education activity helps us identify some of the symbols of the Seven Days of Creation story (Genesis, chap. 1) so as to enrich our perception of the environment. Participants begin to see their living environment as part of God’s Creation and to recognize our role as stewards of Creation. Appropriate for children and teenagers.
1. Game. Place the drawings of the Seven Days of Creation in the proper order.
2. View the “Seven Days of Creation” video (which you may download from VIMEO).
3. Discuss, pray, and make a commitment to care for creation.

Seek First the Kingdom of God

At the end of this spirituality activity inspired by Matthew (6, 25-32), the faith commu-nity will understand that true happiness does not lie in the possession of material wealth, but rather in seeking the Kingdom of God. We can trust God. He gives us what we need, like he does with flowers and birds.
• Testimony by Saint Francis of Assisi
• Songs and coloring
• Videos to watch on YouTube
• Playing pictures
• Discussion questions