A one-hour launch into Creation Care 


Main objective

At the end of the workshop, participants will have discovered biblical references regarding our relationship with God’s Creation, will have seen several useful tools for the promotion of environmental awareness and action in the Church.


This one-hour workshop is intended primarily for church staff (clergy, pastoral associates), but also for interested volunteers. It can be adapted for use by any denonimation: Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, Evangelical and Orthodox churches.

Interactive Content

– Introduction of the program

– Ecological references in the Bible

– Raising awareness in the church

– Environmental action in the Church


Two possible methods:

Invite a facilitator Order a DVD
Invite a Green Church facilitator

to your church. Very interactive.

Available in some regions.

Cost: $90 + travel expenses.

Contact us to book your workshop.

Order a DVD and project it on a screen

for your own workshop. A member of

the congregation can facilitate the viewing.

Cost of DVD $15 (+ shipping).

Go to BOUTIQUE to purchase DVD.