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About Us

The Green Churches Network helps Christian communities in Canada care for God’s Creation.  From the energy efficiency of religious buildings to the prayers in the liturgy, through environmental campaigns, the green team in your community can gradually make Environmental Stewardship a reality. The Green Churches Network has an Board of Directors who oversees the activities of the charity organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us !

Learn about our Mission

The Green Churches Network equips faith communities to opt for better ecological practices while educating members to live in a way that stewards Creation.

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Our green maple leaf with a cross says a lot about our mission.

Learn about our history

Since the first base communities, Christian spirituality has been founded on having a heart for the poor, the sick, the excluded and for Creation.
Increasingly aware of the extent of the current environmental crisis, Canadian Christians are taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint and care for Creation.

Meet Our Team

We have a dynamic and growing team.
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Our Board

The Green Churches Network is steered by a Board of Directors with representatives from diverse Churches.


We find people involved in the United Church of Canada, the Roman Catholic Church,

the Anglican Church, the Orthodox Church, but we are also looking for members of other Churches. These volunteers are all hard at work to give direction to the mission and check the finances of our charity organization.

Annual Reports

With human effort and the grace of God, our organization produces a lot of fruit. Skim through the pages of our annual reports!

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