A Prayer of the Cosmos


Loving God, loving God, all creation calls you blessed, 
and so do we, and so do we.

 Loving God, all your creation calls you blessed. 
Your spirit imprints the whole universe with life and mystery. 
Yes, all creation proclaims your love. 
We now join this chorus of praise.

Loving God, all of nature calls you blessed, and so do we.

For you have woven an intimate tapestry 
and call it life and called it good.

In love you have formed a universe so diverse yet so related, 
and into its web you call us forth 
to walk the land and swim the sea 
with all our natural brothers and sisters.

To the stars we seem no more than blades of grass. 
Yet to you, each of us, as each blade of grass and each star, 
is an irreplaceable treasure, 
an essential companion on this journey of love.

Loving God, as you lure the whole world into salvation, 
guide us with your Spirit 
that we might not be only pilgrims on the earth,
but pilgrims with the earth, journeying home to you.

Open our hearts to understand 
the intimate relationship that you have with all creation. 
Only with this faith can we hope for tomorrow’s children. 
Amen. Alleluia!

Loving God, loving God, all creation calls you blessed, 
and so do we, and so do we.

Source unknown