God of Autumn

God of Autumn

by Eleanor Arless

Gracious God as we move from Autumn into Advent, we thank you for all those gifts that you give to us that are free.

We thank you for the crunch of autumn leaves;
We thank you for the Harvest moon;
We thank you for the bountiful produce that is there for the picking;
We thank you for our Canadian geese that leave our homes in majestic form to go south; and
We thank you for the peace that you give as we take time to savour and reflect on these offerings.

May the Advent season that approaches remind us of the Source of all these gifts, in order for us to keep the season in perspective!
Because of the darkness, we will see our skies illuminate. Many will add to this glow by lighting more candles, and brightening their homes with artificial light. It will all be a sign of your birth and our rebirth as we pray in gratitude for your coming again.

May peace be in our homes and in our hearts as we pray in gratefulness and hope in You, Our God! Amen


Edited November 9, 2009
By: Eleanor Arless